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Event nameDescriptionDate of eventInfo link
BPM workshops for Ministry of Public Administration, Slovenia The purpose of the workshop was to present BPM technique to various stakeholders (Ministries, Agencies) and to map processes related to job roles qualifications and business permits. 5 full day workshops. 3 March 2015  
ECBPM Foundation in-company training for IT services company ECBPM training + process identification & modelling project for private IT company which deals with archiving of documents, Ljubljana, Slovenia 20 April 2013  
ECBPM Foundation on-line training Online training (5.2.-10.4.) 6 February 2014 
ECBPM Foundation exams - open  16 December 2013  
CertiBPM Examination sessions Final exams for CertiBPM project 5 December 2012 Exam info & dates 
ECBPM training in Ljubljana, Slovenia Ministry of internal affairs, Directorate of informatics and e-services development 16 December 2013  
ECBPM training in Zagreb, Croatia Banking sector 20 March 2013  
ECBPM training in Ljubljana, Slovenia Ministry of Defense 6 November 2013  
Certificate issuing event 1 Timisoara 24 November 2012  
Certificate issuing event 2 Bucharest 6 December 2012  
On line training platform availability Open until 15.12.2012 5 December 2012 Online 
CertiBPM Train the trainer training In Timisoara Workshop in Timisoaara, 23.11.2012 23 November 2012  
CertiBPM Company training in Bucharest Company training in Bucharest, RO: 3.5.-5.5.2012 3 May 2012 Company training in Bucharest 
CertiBPM Student training in Timisoara Student training in Timisoara, RO: 2.3.-4.3. 2012 2 March 2012 Student training in Timisoara 
CertiBPM Company training in Timisoara Company training in Timisoara, RO: 23.3.-25.3.2012 23 March 2012 Company training in Timisoara 
CertiBPM Student training in Bucharest Student training in Bucharest, RO: 5.4.-7.4.2012 5 April 2012 Student training in Bucharest 
CertiBPM workshop Workshop @ conference EUROSPI2012 Vienna, AT 25 June 2012 EUROSPI2012 workshop page 
Train the trainers Train the trainers 20 June 2011 Train the trainers 
Pilot training in Maribor Pilot training in Maribor 9 June 2011 Pilot training in Maribor 
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