Company training in Bucharest


Do you want to actively participate in designing a new ECQA certified course "Certified Business Process Manager"?

This company training »Business Process Management (Upravljanje poslovnih procesov)« is a part of EU Lifelong learning project - Transfer of innovation »CertiBPM (2010-1-RO1-LEO05-07445)«. One of the results of this project is to adapt and upgrade existing Slovenian course (BPM) to ECQA certification scheme, unify the content and prepare it to the transfer to Romania.

During the workshop, the participants will actively express their opinions about the understandability and relevance of the existing course.

Participants will receive knowledge how to successfully manage business processes in their organization. This includes process identification, modelling, simulating, project management and IT related topics.

Target group

This workshop is ideal for all future business process managers, who wish to:
  • document business processes, 
  • model business processes, 
  • manage business process projects, 
  • change the way their employees work, 
  • for example: project managers, CIOs, quality managers, organization managers, process owners, unit leaders, business analysts,...
Date & time

3. May  - 5. May 2012


Golden Tulip  Victoria Bucharest
166 Calea Victoriei



3. 5. 2012 : 10:00-17:00
4. 5. 2012 : 10:00-17:00 
5. 5. 2012 : 9:30-14:00  

For the training program:
  • All participant should get familiar with the learning materials before the training. 
  • All participants should bring their own laptops to the training to successfully participate in practical work. Laptop specifications: 
    • Hardware: Any modern laptop will do.  RAM: Min: 1 GB, recommended: 2GB RAM, CPU: 1.6GHZ 
    • Software: 
  • Operating system: Win XP or newer Microsoft Office or any other Office suite (Libre, Open) 
  • Additional software (to be defined by the trainer which is mandatory for the training session): 
Installing and setting up the required tools can be done on the training - we’ll assure technical support there.

Detailed content of the training can be found here.


Gabriela Fistis

After event