Pilot training in Maribor


Do you want to actively participate in designing a new ECQA certified course "Certified Business Process Manager"?

This pilot training »Business Process Management (Upravljanje poslovnih procesov)« is a part of EU Lifelong learning project - Transfer of innovation »CertiBPM (2010-1-RO1-LEO05-07445)«. One of the results of this project is to adapt and upgrade existing Slovenian course (BPM) to ECQA certification scheme, unify the content and prepare it to the transfer to Romania.

During the workshop, the participants will actively express their opinions about the understandability and relevance of the existing course.

Participants will receive knowledge how to successfully manage business processes in their organization. This includes process identification, modelling, simulating, project management and IT related topics.
Target group

Managers, CIOs, COOs, BPM practitioners (entry level),  everyone who wants to better organize work of their organization

Date & time

9. Jun 15.30 - 18.00 & 10. Jun 9.00 – 14.00


DOBA, Faculty of Applied Business and Social studies Maribor, Slovenia


Unit 0 : Informative package
0.1. Introduction
0.2. BPM certifications
0.3. References

Unit 1 : Process oriented management
1.1. Management systems
1.2. Managing BPM projects
1.3. BPMN and modelling (Business Process Modelling Notation)
1.4. Documenting business processes
1.5. Simulation and analysis

Unit 2 :
 BPM and information technologies
2.1. Choosing your BPM platform
2.2. BPM tools
2.3. Enterprise Architecture, BPM and IT integrations

Unit 3 : BPM: human aspects, frameworks and standards
3.1. Human factors and BPM
3.2. Motivating people for a change
3.3. BPM models, frameworks and standards


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Andrea Kostanjevec, conference coordinator

Tel.: ++386 (0)2 228 38 97
E-mail: andrea.kostanjevec@doba.si
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