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ECBPM exams now available completely online (online proctoring)

posted 24 Mar 2014, 08:24 by Tomislav Rozman
We announce the ECBPM exams can be performed completely online without visiting an exam center.

The exam integrity is protected by using Software Secure online proctoring services.

BICERO Ltd. signed the contract with renowned remote proctoring company Software Secure in March of 2014. 
The exam participants can take exams from anywhere in the world from April 2014 on. The cheating is prevented by monitoring participant’s webcam, microphone, desktop by independent external proctor. The identity of the participant is ensured by is checking his photo identity card and live web video stream. The exam is being recorded and in case of exam rules breach (looking at training materials, talking to a person, browsing the internet, using chat software, using mobile phone ...), the proctor prepares the exam breach report.

The exam participant needs a computer, internet connection with 256kb upstream speed, webcam, microphone, Windows or Mac OS and a distraction free room.

The experience for the participant is seamless, as soon as the mentioned requirements are fulfilled.

We believe that by using remote proctoring services we'll be able to reach more users on those areas in the world without exam centers nearby. Moreover, the travel costs and pre-exam stress should be reduced, too.