Exam info, schedules and pricing

Exam price

The prices for the exams and certifications (from 1. Oct. 2013):

 Exam and Certification namePrice in exam centers  Price of online exam (remote proctoring) 
ECBPM-Foundation      € 200.00 + VAT € 190.00 + VAT
ECBPM-Foundation PROFESSIONAL€ 200.00 + VAT € 190.00 + VAT
ECBPM-Advanced€ 220.00 + VAT € 210.00 + VAT
ECBPM-Advanced PROFESSIONAL€ 250.00 + VAT € 210.00 + VAT
 Repeating the failed exam€ 200.00 + VAT € 160.00 + VAT

If you buy package (exam+online training), the prices are 10% lower. See price list of packages here

This price includes: 
  • evaluation of pre-exam exercise by an BPM professional (mandatory pre-requirement)
  • one exam attempt, 
  • official ECQA certificate (printed) and 
  • ECQA Community database professionals record (a certificate holder should insert his/her information): http://www.ecqa.org/index.php?id=257

Exam application

Please register at least 7 days before the exam date: Here

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Exam location

You can perform the exam either within:
  • ECQA exam centers (in almost all EU countries) or 
  • completely online from any location in the world using remote proctoring services from Software Secure. Test your environment here.