Frequently asked and answered questions:

Q: What does BPM stands for?

A: Business Process Management (BPM) is the discipline, which covers identification, modelling, analysis, documentation, automatization, maintenance and optimization of business processes.

Q: Why BPM trainings?

A: Current market situation in the BPM area is well described in report "State of Business Process Management - 2010" by P. Harmon and C. Wolf. This report summarizes the survey analysis of 264 respondents (companies) from all over the world / across all kinds of industries. This analysis stresses that the major drivers of introducing BPM to a company are: "need to save money by reducing costs and/or improving productivity", "need to improve management coordination or organizational responsiveness", "improve customer satisfaction", "improve products". The report statistics shows that more skills are needed and more managers should be trained to improve business processes. 

Q: What does CertiBPM stands for?

A: Certified Business Process Manager

Q: What are the origins of the course?

A: The BPM course, which this project is based on, is well accepted on Slovenian market since 2006.  The course evolved over the years from technical aspects of business process management to project, organizational, human and managerial aspects. The authors of the course have real-world experiences from business process management and reengineering projects (telecommunications, public service, media, electro-distribution, IT services), which ensures that the content of the learning materials and courses have a practical value. 

Q: When the course and certification will be available?

A: Q1 2012

Q: What does ECQA stands for?

A: European Certification And Qualification Association (www.ecqa.org). It's an 'umbrella' for many management and IT related professions and certifications.

Q: What is the relation of ECQA CertiBPM certification to other BPM certifications such as OMG OCEB, ABPMP, ...?

A: Our ECQA CertiBPM includes a lot of content of similar BPM certifications. Our course is a good entry-level preparation for OMG OCEB also. Our certification covers technical, managerial and soft skills related to BPM. The most notable differences from OMG's certificate are: quality management and documentation, process simulation and analysis topics, BPM project management topics, human aspects of BPM.  More info about the skillcard (the course and certification content) will be available in Q4 2011.

Q: I'd like to track the progress of the project. What is the easiest way?

A: You can either subscribe to the RSS news stream, join our group on LinkedIn or subscribe to email news - fill in the interest form